Fiscal Years 2017-2020 Transportation Improvement Program

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Program Summary

As part of the metropolitan planning requirements, the Johnson City MTPO develops and regularly updates a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The purpose of the TIP is to identify and program all transportation projects within the Johnson City MPA that are funded by federal programs in Titles 23 (Highways) and 49 (Transportation) of the USC. The TIP is cooperatively developed at least every four (4) years by the Johnson City MTPO administrative staff in conjunction with its member jurisdictions, Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and Johnson City Transit (JCT). The TIP is included by reference in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and adopted by the Johnson City MTPO Executive Board and the Governor of the State of Tennessee. The TIP contains all federally funded and regionally significant locally funded projects. The TIP includes proposed federally funded capital and non-capital surface transportation projects or project phases.
Once a draft TIP is completed, it is submitted to TDOT, FHWA, and FTA for comments. Once the comments have been adequately addressed, the TIP follows the process described in the Public Participation Plan to provide public notice and an opportunity for the public to comment. Once any public comments are addressed, the TIP is recommended for adoption by the Johnson City MTPO Executive Board. Then, the final TIP is forwarded to TDOT to be included by reference in the STIP and approved by FHWA and FTA.

$68,086,564.00 26
$45,412,704.00 11/4/2016
$21,202,270.00 10/1/2016 through 9/30/2020
$24,210,434.00 12/21/2017
* Obligations during current TIP period only. Glenn Berry,

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TIP ID#Project NameImprovementLocationLead AgencyTotal Cost
2014-01Elk Avenue Bridge RepairMBridgeCarter CountyElizabethton$660,000.00
2017-01Traffic Signal Upgrades at various locations in ElizabethtonMSignal UpgradesCarter CountyElizabethton$660,000.00
2017-02SR 34 at Industrial Park Rd Traffic Signal UpgradeMSignal UpgradesSullivan CountyBluff City$200,000.00
2006-12VA Hospital ConnectorMNew RoadWashington CountyJohnson City$3,906,505.00
2008-05SR 381 at Indian Ridge Road ImprovementsMRoad WideningWashington CountyJohnson City$7,221,700.00
2010-05Traffic Circle at Mountainview RoadMIntersectionWashington CountyJohnson City$1,663,000.00
2017-14Traffic Signal for State of Franklin Rd and Harris DriveMSignalizationWashington CountyJohnson City$355,000.00
2014-12Signalization Improvements for Elizabethton at Two IntersectionsMSignal UpgradesCarter CountyElizabethton$828,000.00
2013-02Adaptive Signal Control on North State of Franklin Road/I-26 Corridor-Phase 1MITSWashington CountyJohnson City$290,000.00
2014-11Adaptive Signal Control Phase 2MITSWashington CountyJohnson City$550,000.00
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List of Amendments

Amendment #TIP ID#ProjectActionMPO AdoptionTDOTFederal
110010State Route (SR) 91 ExtensionAmendment to State Route 91 project to revise the project description and termini.12/21/201712/27/20171/08/2018
22017-10Paratransit Vehicles/Buses/TechnologyAmended as follows:
1) Revised FY 2017 Section 5307 funding ratios, but total amount still the same – Federal (add $106,282), State (minus $53,141), and Local (minus $53,141);
2) Added additional total funds of $213,792 ($181,724 Federal, $16,034 State, $16,034 Local) to FY 2017 Section 5339;
3) Added FY 2015 total residual funds of $1,099,827 ($935,103 Federal, $82,362 State, $82,362 Local) that was reallocated by TDOT to JCT to FY 2018 Section 5307; and
4) Added additional total funds of $200,000 ($170,000 Federal, $15,000 State, $15,000 Local) to FY 2020 Section 5339.
22017-15New FreedomAmended to add new project page to add residual Section 5317 New Freedom funds reallocated by TDOT.2/22/20183/15/20184/30/2018
32017-16Traffic Signal for SR 34 (US 11E/ E Jackson Blvd) & Smith LnAmended to add new project page to add funding for a traffic signal in Jonesborough at the intersection of SR 34 (US 11E/ E Jackson Blvd) & Smith Ln.4/19/20184/20/20185/01/2018

List of Administrative Modifications

Adjustment #TIP ID#ProjectActionMPO Approval
110010State Route (SR) 91 ExtensionAdjusted to move Right-Of-Way Phase from Fiscal Year 2017 to Fiscal Year 2020.1/20/2017
1090600Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) GroupingAdjusted Fiscal Year 2017 to add $387,775 of Rural Penalty HSIP funds and $2,491,250 of Penalty HSIP funds into PHSIP.5/05/2017
1110010State Route (SR) 91 ExtensionAdjusted to move Right-Of-Way Phase from Fiscal Year 2020 to Fiscal Year 2018.6/30/2017
1290500National Highway Performance Program (NHPP) GroupingIncrease Fiscal Year 2018 NHPP funds from $340,610 to $8,340,610.10/23/2017
1390600Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) GroupingAdjusted to add $2,000,000 of ACHSIP to FY 2018.12/28/2017
1490500National Highway Performance Program (NHPP) GroupingAdjusted to add $3,000,000 of ACNHPP to Fiscal Year 2018.12/29/2017
152008-05SR 381 at Indian Ridge Road ImprovementsAdjusted Fiscal Year 2018 to add additional Construction Funds of $275,000 ($220,000 Federal, $55,000 Local).1/22/2018
172017-14Traffic Signal for State of Franklin Rd and Harris DriveAdjusted to add Right-of-Way Phase to FY 2018 with $8,000 in STBG-Local Funds and moved Construction Phase to FY 2018.6/27/2018
182017-14Traffic Signal for State of Franklin Rd and Harris DriveAdjusted to an additional $17,000 to the previously obligated PE-N Phase in FY 2018.7/19/2018
182006-12VA Hospital ConnectorAdd additional funds of $39,805 for construction for a new total of $139,805.00 and move to FY 2018 for project closeout.7/19/2018

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