Fiscal Years 2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Program

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25 transportation projects are visible on the map that meet the specified criteria:
TIP ID #Project TypeLocation
2090565Surface Transportation System Preservation and Operation Urban GroupingMRoad UpgradesMulti-County
2090595Safety - Urban GroupingMSafetyMulti-County
2090560National Highway System Preservation and Operation Urban GroupingMInterstate MaintenanceMulti-County
2023-01JCT Transit Operating - Sec. 5307MTransit OperationsMulti-County
2023-02JCT Transit Capital - Sec. 5307MTransit CapitalMulti-County
2023-03JCT Transit Capital - Sec. 5310MTransit CapitalMulti-County
2023-04JCT Transit Capital - Sec. 5307 & 5339MTransit CapitalMulti-County
2023-14Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program GroupingMTransit CapitalMulti-County
2023-15Transportation Alternatives Program GroupingMBicycle & PedestrianMulti-County
2023-05JCT Transit Operating - Sec. 5317 (New Freedom)MTransit CapitalMulti-County
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